brian o'connor bio


After earning a living playing competitive chess for 12 years, my career ended when I suffered a third concussion and developed rook-pawn dyslexia; I also could no longer recognize my wife. Team doctors were flummmoxed until they finally determined that I had never been married. My mother was terribly upset. So, head injuries being what they are, my career options were limited: I dabbled in politics and drunk-karate instruction--often simultaneously--before settling into a life of the pen, a quill pen, to be precise, and have since sullied many publications, where I've stalked and written about rodeo cowboys, Vegas strippers and homeless Republicans, pop stars U2, James Blunt and Janet Jackson, tennis pros and Ultimate Fighting champs, NASCAR notables named Carl and DJs who call themselves Fatboy, Jam Master Jay and Danger Mouse.

brian o'connor